Brownstone Site Plan | The Brownstone EC Site Design

The Brownstone site plan is very well designed. It bears the CDL hallmark of a very well-thought out and meticulously planned site layout, incorporating the wealth of experience that CDL has from the thousands of homes they have built. In fact, better than even a lot of private condos.

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The Brownstone Site Plan Layout :: Click to Enlarge

The Brownstone Site Plan Layout | The Brownstone Design

The Brownstone site plan layout is zoned into different themes:

    01. Guard House
    02. Arrival Plaza
    03. Clubhouse Drop-Off
    04. Canberra Link Gate
    05. Function Room
    06. Pavilion
    07. Male & Female Changing Rooms
    08. Kiddie Play Pool
    09. Kiddie Splash Pool
    10. Playground*
    11. Sky Barbeque 1*
    12. Sky Barbeque 2*
    13 Sky Barbeque 3*
    14. Reflexology Path
    15. Jasmine Spa
    16. Social Pool
    17. Swing Garden
    18. 50m Lap Pool
    19. 30m Lap Pool
    20. Sun Deck
    21. Pets’ Play
    22. Aqua Deck
    23. Tennis Court*
    24. Junior Skating Rink*
    25. Outdoor Fitness Station*
    26. Gymnasium*
    27. Basketball Half Court*
    28. Male & Female Changing Rooms with Steam Rooms
    29. Wellness Social Garden*
    30. Spice Social Garden*
    31. Fruit Social Garden*
    32. Cooling Herbs Social Garden*
    33. Sensory Garden
    34. Lawn Vista
    35. Courtyard Garden
    36. Lawn
    37. Hanging Bosque
    38. Botanicube

* Located on Sky Deck

The landscaping is by a top landscape consultant, Coen Design International Pte Ltd (opens in new window).


The Brownstone Site Plan | Pool with Green WallArtist’s Impression :: Pool in front of ‘Green Wall’ with Gym on Sky Deck :: CLICK TO ENLARGE

The Brownstone Site Plan Layout | Site Design

CDL & TID tend to do more private condominiums than ECs. In fact, Brownstone EC is only their 4th EC in the last 5 years. However their EC layouts are just as good as their private condos, which makes them good value buys. Take a walk for instance, in the grounds of the Rainforest EC, that just completed recently – it has more the feel of an upmarket condo than neighbouring private condos.

For the Brownstone site plan itself, a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into the site design & planning. Not only is it very functional & practical with little to cavil at, but it promises to be a delightful place to live in.

  1. The blocks are orientated north-south, and at right angles to the main road to minimise traffic noise. No unit gets direct afternoon sun.
  2. 75% of the units have a pretty nice view. They face either the various condominium pools, or spa pools, or lawns, or the low-rise private housing across Canberra Drive.
  3. The substation and bin centre area is set away from the residential blocks, in one corner.
  4. A 5-storey carpark is deliberately designed to span the edge of the project that borders the MRT line. It is clad with greenery and acts as a lush green wall to protect the site visually, and from the noise of the track. The top of it is a Sky Deck housing some facilities including BBQ pits, and a junior skating rink.
  5. Uses a pneumatic waste collection and disposal system at ventilated areas. No unsightly manual carting around & smells. Saves manpower too. It is an extra upfront expense to the developer, but good for buyers.

Artist’s Impression :: Junior Skating Rink on Sky Deck at right angle to Apartment BlocksThe Brownstone Site Plan :: Junior Skating Rink



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